Our Ministries

This is where you’ll find information about all the awesome ministries available at The Journey 8. If you see this page and it hasn't been updated, a gentle reminder to the church staff at The Journey 8 is in order. Let them know you want to learn more about what is happening at The Journey 8 and how you can get involved.

Podcasts and Show Archives Podcasts and Show Archives
In 2016 we thought it would be fun and educational to add a podcast series called 99 Sheep that would be roughly framed around the parable of the lost sheep and how the Shepherd leves 99 to find the one lost one. It grew into a very accepted young adult series of stories that always came back to a general theme of God's love for us and a moral to the story ending. Since releasing the 99 Sheep podcasts we have also planned to release a new series in the Summer of 2017 that will be ... more

Small Group StudiesSmall Group Studies
This is a sample of a ministry page that can be personalized at The Journey 8. If you don’t see any ministries listed or your ministry group is missing please give the church office a call. Donec interdum pellentesque mauris, ut placerat erat blandit ut. Ut lectus arcu, dignissim ut gravida lobortis, eleifend interdum tellus. Proin luctus adipiscing ipsum at mollis. Sed molestie lobortis lectus ac cursus. Donec at risus sit amet sapien pulvinar molestie sit amet eu felis. ... more