About Us

Rev. Judy Hosner, Founding Minister
Email: revjudy@thejourney8.com
Skype: Judy.Hosner
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thejourney8
Twitter: Penguinlover52
After a long carreer as an engineer and consultant, I retired to finish pursuing the ministry walk I started 25 years ago. I have always wanted to reach the unreachables, the castaways, the not good enoughs. The message of God's redeeming light is for all to take part in. So in 2014 I moved from years of lay ministry, to using my MDiv. and became ordained. My life was forever changed. Today I host an internet radio show where we touch people all over the world. It is also my platform for extending my ministry in the church I belong to, Life's Journey United Church of Christ in Burlington, NC.